Dragon Boat Club

The Dragon Boat Club was the first ever, senior club in Lake County, Florida and was organized to promote the art of paddling dragon boats for pleasure as well as paddling in competitions.  The club has three dragon boats – one of which will hold twenty paddlers plus a helmsman and a drummer plus two boats that hold ten paddlers plus a helmsman and a drummer.

Those interested in casual paddling may do so one day a week to enjoy the fellowship and mild exercise of dragon boat paddling.

For those who desire a more intense training workout, two practices a week are set-aside for just that. Those who like this more intense training may paddle in the various Dragon Boat Festivals in the area in which the Hawthorne Dragonflies participate. These are usually held during the January through April time period.

All paddling is done on the small and beautiful Palatlakaha Creek, which runs through Hawthorne property as well as on Lake Harris into which the Palatlakaha Creek flows.

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