Chair Volleyball

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New activity for both men and women of

all fitness levels.

Chair Volleyball is a fun way to exercise and be active. Because players are required to remain seated, Chair Volleyball provides a level playing field for both men ad women of all activity levels. It is a game that promotes rowdy comradeship and friendly competition among participants.

The game is played with a large lightweight ball and a five-foot high net. Courts are 14’ wide by 22’ deep (11’ on each side). There are twelve players to each court – six players seated on each side. Rules are similar to regular volleyball except players must stay seated in their chairs at all times! (Except running to retrieve an errant ball of course.) Regular participation can increase flexibility, stamina and skill.

You will want to become a part of this fun, energetic, fast growing activity at Hawthorne. For dues of only $2 a year, players are guaranteed one and one half hours of active, exhilarating fun!


Chair Volleyball at Hawthorne is played every
Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. in the Hall

                            Come Join Us
Don’t be late or play will start without you.


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