Saturday Night Bridge

We meet Saturday nights at 6:30 p.m. in the Lime Room. We play four rounds of six hands each round.  Partners move on after each round to play with a new partner.  It is important that you show up for play at least fifteen minutes prior to the announced start time so that the host is assured that we have four players for each table. If you are unable to play, please contact the bridge host or bridge chair-person as soon as possible so that a substitute can be found.

Each player contributes fifty cents to be awarded as prize money for the top four scorers each night.

Players contribute $2.00 for dues once a year, usually in January, for the purchase of new cards and scoring tablets.  Our annual Christmas Party is held on the second Saturday in December.

Free bridge lessons are given every other year in the odd year. We have a varied blend of skill levels from intermediate to advanced playing each night. We all welcome playing with partners with varying abilities. Come and join us. We invite new bridge players to join our club.

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