Zone Watch

Zone Watch is a community wide program composed of over 135 volunteers who provide points of contact for the 64 geographic zones that make up the Hawthorne community.

There are seven Zone Coordinators who each oversee approximately ten zones and provide guidance and support to the zone captain/co-captain in each zone. The zone captains handle various levels of communication within their zone from coordinating delivery of the weekly bulletin to the delivery of the annual election ballots and specials election ballots to providing knowledge and support to the community members residing within their zone.

Zone Watch volunteers are also important in times of emergencies and over the years have assisted with the dissemination of information, providing assistance to their neighbors, and working in concert with the Hawthorne leaders in any way possible.

For more information on the Zone Watch Program contact the Activities Office at 352-360-6213 or the Zone Watch Chairman listed on the Monthly Activities Bulletin.

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