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Welcome to the Hawthorne at Leesburg Website

At the right is a form for you to fill out and submit to gain access to information important to Hawthorne residents. Included on the resident side of the site is information on a multitude of items you may be interested in. Here’s just a partial list:

  • Resident Phone Book Updated Weekly
  • Friday Clip Information
  • Pool Hours for Children
  • Hawthorne Bus Schedule
  • Hawthorne Services Directory
  • Number to call for gas for your boat
  • Hawthorne Library Hours
  • Hawthorne Rules
  • Scam Information
  • Hawthorne Board Meeting Minutes

By submitting the form on the right side of this page you will receive an e-mail letting you know that your login and password have been accepted and you are ready to login to the Resident Login side of Please make a note of your username and password.

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